Account-Based Marketing

Going beyond ‘just marketing’ an integrated Account-Based Marketing program treats individual accounts as its own market by orchestrating and delivering personalised content to the buying-parties. Targeted content to key accounts enables sales teams to close complex deals with long sales cycles. The success of an ABM program hinges on united customer-facing teams including sales, marketing, and the customer success team working together to engage specific accounts.

Why ABM?

ABM is the most efficient way to drive revenue growth and profitable customer outcomes. An effective ABM strategy enables organisations to grow their revenue by acquiring and expanding different account tiers in a personalised and scalable way. While Account Marketing isn’t new, delivering it at scale with greater transparency is.


B2B marketers are planning or starting their account-based marketing journey & 52% of these report ROI.


By 2025 B2B demand generation efforts will focus predominantly on accounts, not leads.
– Forrester


B2B marketers measuring ROI say that ABM outperforms other marketing investments.
– ITSMA and ABM Leadership Alliance, 2020 ABM Benchmark Study

Who should ABM?

ABM might be a buzzword at the moment, but the reality is it’s not for everyone. It requires a pre-existing level of maturity across sales and marketing, to drive growth with accounts that match an ideal customer profile.

How do you know if ABM is right for your organisation?

  • Your accounts have the potential to grow in annual revenue.
  • You’re involved with complex sales cycles that are typically lengthy to close.
  • There are multiple people involved in the buying decision of your product/service.


are you struggling to find the right approach to your b2b marketing?

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